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Bindung und Migration
17th International Attachment Conference
Attachment and Divorce
October 05 - October 07, 2018
Bindung und Migration

Main Conference

<b>Amato, Paul </b> (Pennsylvania State Universität)

Amato, Paul (Pennsylvania State Universität)

Hoffman Professor Emeritus of Family Sociology and Demography

The aftermath of divorce: How divorce shapes children's lives

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<b>Borelli, Jessica </b> (Berkley)

Borelli, Jessica (Berkley)

bachelor’s degree in psychology, Ph.D. in clinical psychology

Attachment and Divorce: Developmental Pathways to and from Marital Dissolution

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<b>Bösel, Sabine & Roland </b> (Wien, Austria)

Bösel, Sabine & Roland (Wien, Austria)

psychotherapeutic counselling for couples

Unconscious mirrored protective patterns of a parent as a potential cause for divorce

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<b>Brisch, Karl Heinz </b> (Univ.-Prof. München)

Brisch, Karl Heinz (Univ.-Prof. München)

Psychotherapy with children in the context of marital conflict and divorce

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<b>Cummings, E. Mark</b> (Universität von Notre Dame, Paris)

Cummings, E. Mark (Universität von Notre Dame, Paris)

Emotional Security Theory: A model to understand symptoms in children and possibilities of intervention in families with high marital conflict

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<b>George, Carol </b> (Prof. of Psychology at the Mills College, Oakland, California)

George, Carol (Prof. of Psychology at the Mills College, Oakland, California)

The Development of Infant Attachment in Separated and Divorced Families: Effects of Overnight Visitation

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<b>Kindler, Heinz </b> (Hamburg)

Kindler, Heinz (Hamburg)

Assessing attachment under conditions of high conflict divorce in Germany

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<b>Klees, Katharina </b> (Dannstadt b. Ludwigshafen/ Germany)

Klees, Katharina (Dannstadt b. Ludwigshafen/ Germany)

Couple, sexual and trauma therapy

Destructive Attachment - Cause or Reason for Divorce and Separation? How trauma-sensitive couples therapy help families

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<b>Koch, Claus </b> (Heidelberg/ Deutschland)

Koch, Claus (Heidelberg/ Deutschland)


Separation and divorce. Ways and possibilities of an attachment-oriented pedagogy in kindergarten and school

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<b>Lux, Ulrike </b> (Munich)

Lux, Ulrike (Munich)

Relevance of attachment to the former partner for subsequent romantic relationships

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<b>Perry, Andrea </b> (TrainerinBRC, UK)

Perry, Andrea (TrainerinBRC, UK)

In the aftermath - can we still be friends? How to stay or become friends after divorce

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<b>Schaan, Violetta </b> (University Luxembourg)

Schaan, Violetta (University Luxembourg)

Long-term consequences of parental divorce on health in young adults

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<b>Walper, Sabine </b> (Munich)

Walper, Sabine (Munich)

Children’s relationship to their nonresident parent and their well-being in different care arrangements

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