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Bindung und Migration
21st International Attachment Conference
Disordered Attachments in Digital Ages
September 16th - September 18th, 2022
Bindung und Migration

Conference program

Program folder:



The preconference is only in german language!

Friday, September 29, 2017

mit schwer und früh traumatisierten Kindern
während der stationären Behandlung

12.30      Registrierung und Mittagsimbiss

13.30      Begrüßung und Einführung

13.45      Musiktherapie
              Pudelek, Sophie, München &
              Hees, Simone, München & Freiburg

14.30      Diskussion

14.45      Kunsttherapie
              Braitinger, Simone, München &

              Doll, Johanna, München

15.30      Diskussion

15.45      Kaffeepause

16.30      Sport-Bewegungstherapie
              Posch, Melanie, München &
              Eberl, Maximilian, München

17.15      Diskussion

17.30      Pause

17.45      Konzentrative Bewegungstherapie (KBT)
              Müller, Marina, Wertingen &
              Plank-Matias, Andrea, München

18.30      Diskussion

18.45      Ende


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Resources and security, dangers, and fanaticism
– The potential for therapy and prevention


09.00    Welcome
             Brisch, Karl Heinz, München/Deutschland & Salzburg/Österreich

09.10    Introduction
             Brisch, Karl Heinz, München/Deutschland & Salzburg/Österreich

09.40   The digital umbilical cord to the world 
and its significance for attachment and relationships
            in groups
            von Weiler, Julia, Berlin/Deutschland

von Weiler, Julia, Berlin/Germanyvon Weiler, Julia, Berlin/Germany

10.20    Discussion

10.30    Koffee break

11.10    Peer group influences on aggression, bullying, and prosocial behaviors during early
             to late adolescence

             Espelage, Dorothy, Gainesville/Florida/USA


11.50     Discussion

12.00     The world of young 
children: Even infants and small children play and 
learn together.
              What do they need from us to do so?
              Simoni, Heidi, Zürich/Schweiz

12.40     Discussion

12.50     Lunch break

14.10    Resources or catastrophes in groups: What promotes or inhibits mentalization
             in group psychotherapy?

             Schultz-Venrath, Ulrich, Bergisch-Gladbach & Witten-Herdecke/Germany

14.50    Diskussion

15.00    From proximity seeking to relationship seeking: Working towards separation from the
            abusive group

             Epstein, Orit Badouk, London/UK

15.40    Diskussion

15.50    Kaffeepause

16:30    Preventing child maltreatment: A report on the Group Attachment-Based Intervention (GABI)
             in the Bronx (New York)

             Knafo, Hannah, New York/USA


17.10    The importance of group attachments in preventing the abuse of children and adolescents
             Butrón, Jaquelin, El Alto/Bolivia

17.50    Discussion

18.15    Sinfonietta Ulm (
Concert by the award-winning Youth Symphony Orchestra

19.15    Conclusion



Sunday, Oktober 1, 2017

Stetten, Lina, Bielefeld/Germany
Stetten, Lina, Bielefeld/Germany
The Process of Radicalization in the Context of Extremist Groups
Stetten, Lina, Bielefeld/Germany

09.00    The process of radicalization in the context of extremist groups            
             Stetten, Lina, Bielefeld/Germany

09.40    Discussion

09.50    Attachment theory and group processes: The association between attachment style and
             group-related representations, goals, memories, and functioning

             Mikulincer, Mario, Herzliya/Israel

10.30    Discussion

10.40    Coffee break

11.20    Attachment-based milieu therapy in in-patient psychotherapy: Group experiences
             as healing attachment experiences.

             Brisch, Karl Heinz, München/Germany & Salzburg/Austria &
             Romero Velasco, Katrin, München/ Germany &
             Eckstein, Yvonne, München/Germany

12.30    Discussion with all presenters

             At the end we will enact YOUR stories! Vienna‘s ADHOC Theater invites you to describe your experiences
             and impressions during the conference, and to watch their improvisation.

             ADHOC Theater Wien, Wien/Austria

13.30    Conclusion of conference