Bindung und Migration
19th International Attachment Conference
Attachment and Mental Disorders
September 11th - September 13th, 2020
Bindung und Migration

Therapeutic specialist publisher with a focus on trauma, loss, Adoption and care for children and adults

As a specialist therapeutic publisher, ROFTASNS focuses on the well-being of the child, whether in children's books or books for parents and family members, therapists,
Educators, teachers, family helpers, social workers or other interested parties,
whether "affected" or not. There are therapeutic stories that the conversation is about
make difficult topics easier or even enable them in the first place All titles have turned up
English or French have been tried and tested for years and are now also available in German
growing number of enthusiastic readers of all ages. We hope that this will remove the taboo
these topics as well as to support children with difficult biographical experiences
to contribute. The booklets for reading adults enclosed with the books are a valuable resource for therapeutic discussions with the child.


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