Bindung und Migration
17th International Attachment Conference
Attachment and Divorce
October 05 - October 07, 2018
Bindung und Migration
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19th Internat. Attachment Conference

Causes, Treatment and Prevention


Attachment theory is now one of the best-researched
theories of developmental psychology. It is able to
explain the mechanisms of causation of psychological
disorders such as anxiety and panic disorders,
depression, borderline personality disorders,
posttraumatic stress disorders, and other psychopathologies.
Numerous longitudinal studies have
observed and followed the development of psychological
disorders from childhood into adulthood.
And attachment research has demonstrated clear
transgenerational e ects. This knowledge has
enabled us to develop new treatments for psychological
disorders that re ect the current state of
attachment research. Numerous studies also
support the use of attachment-based programs
to prevent psychological disorders, with some of
these programs beginning as early as pregnancy.
These have been successful in preventing the transmission
of psychological disorders from parents to
their children.
The conference will examine causes as well as the
various attachment-based therapies available for
the treatment of psychological disorders. Internationally
known researchers and clinicians will report
on their studies and their experience with regard to