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Bindung und Migration
21st International Attachment Conference
Disordered Attachments in Digital Ages
September 16th - September 18th, 2022
Bindung und Migration

Christian Schubert

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Christian Schubert, MD, PhD, born 1961, Study of Medicine and Psychology in Innsbruck. Master study medical psychotherapist (psychodynamic psychotherapy). 1991-1994 specialist of laboratory medicine. Since 1996, running a psychoneuroimmunology laboratory at the Clinic for Medical Psychology. Since 2005, leader of the working group “Psychoneuroimmunologie” of the Deutsche Kollegium für Psychosomatische Medizin (DKPM). Since 2013, executive board member of the Academy of Integrative Medicine (AIM). Author of numerous articles in journals and books. Editor of "Psychoneuroimmunologie und Psychotherapie" (Schattauer 2015) and author of "Was uns krank macht – was uns heilt: Aufbruch in eine neue Medizin" (Fischer & Gann 2016).


Physical-mental touches in the spotlight of psychoneuroimmunology

Psychoneuroimmunology shows that childhood experiences of touching and bonding "program" stress experience and behavior into old age. Thus, children physically and psychologically traumatized suffer as adults from inflammatory diseases and chronic pain. Research further shows that patients can overcome trauma and trauma-related pain. Because "touching" comprises not only the physical dimension but also being moved/touched in an emotional as well as social sense, caregivers should include relationship aspects in medicine.