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Bindung und Migration
21st International Attachment Conference
Disordered Attachments in Digital Ages
September 16th - September 18th, 2022
Bindung und Migration

An insecure or disoriented attachment style - created during childhood - strains one's own ability to withstand stress and is causally involved in the crisis-ridden conflicts in relationships. A harmonious partnership can hardly be built on the basis of a disoriented attachment style, especially if the childhood wounds inside are not allowed to be perceived. The psychological stress is discharged in the couple relationship and often leads to separation. The victims are basically their own children. There are virtually no instructions for treating traumatized parent couples. In this lecture I introduce the "Trauma Sensitive Couple Therapy" that I have developed over many years with several couples. The methods from the treasure trove of trauma treatment, which are tailored to couple counseling, show the ultimate way out from any escalating relationship drama and have a direct healing effect on the relationship with one's own children. This breaks the fatal cycle of generational transmission of destructive attachment experiences.


Katharina Klees, PD Dr. phil., couple, sexual and trauma therapist,

studied educational science, psychology and sociology at the University of Cologne. She earned her doctorate at the University of Dortmund on the conflict structures of couples and their effects on their own children. She habilitated at the University of Oldenburg for child-centered protection planning in case of traumatization in her own family. She has completed numerous further education courses in the area of couple, sexual and trauma therapy and is a certified depth-psychologically based body-oriented trauma therapist (IIBA USA), certified sex therapist (DGfS) and since 1995 head of the Aufwind Institute (2012 certified by the DeGPT) for Trauma Education / trauma-specific counseling , Her main focus is the work with traumatized parents in separation situations, the accompaniment of professionals in youth welfare, the traumatized children and their caregivers care and continuing education in trauma-sensitive couples therapy. Ms. Klees has described her own approach to accompanying people with attachment and relationship trauma in the book "trauma sensitive couple therapy" (March 2018 Junfermann-Verlag).