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Bindung und Migration
21st International Attachment Conference
Disordered Attachments in Digital Ages
September 16th - September 18th, 2022
Bindung und Migration
Stetten Lina

Stetten, Lina (Bielefeld/Germany)

The process of radicalization in the context of extremist groups.

"Not only in Germany, but also in the whole world, people were terrified by events such as the amok, school shootings and terroristic acts. These are highly expressive acts of violence that, in addition to their direct consequences for victims, also cause general feeling of endangerment for the whole society. This feeling of threat anchors especially in the unpredictability of these kind of acts..."


The talk will highlight the factors that seem to be relevant for the processes of radicalization prior to these highly expressive violent acts. Next, the talk will draw a comparison of these relevant factors between lone and group operators, with a focus on a comparison between the types of the offences "school shooting" and "terrorism" to point out .

Knowledge of the relevant factors leading to radicalization is not only important to understand the complexity of the processes of radicalization, but also to inform us of relevant effective strategies of intervention and prevention.


Lina-Maraike Stetten completed her BA degree in Sociology at the Bremen University and MA degree in International Criminology at Hamburg University. Currently, she is a PhD candidate at Bielefeld University. Her PhD dissertation examines the dynamics within the processes of radicalization of offenders of highly expressive targeted violence.

During her working time at the Criminological Research Institute of Lower Saxony (KFN), she focused on researching themes of stalking and (sexual) child abuse.

Since 2013, she is part of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence (IKG) at the Bielefeld University. As a part of the BMBF founded project TARGET, Lina-Maraike Stetten was responsible for the quantitative data analyses within the subproject of the IKG "Radicalization of Violence". Presently, she is working on the theme of "radicalization of highly expressive acts of violence" with a special focus on ideological motivated offenders.

Since September 2016, she is holding the scientific coordination of the Competence Network for Research on Salafistic Extremsim in NRW (CoRE NRW).

As an external expert Miss Lina-Maraike Stetten was also part of the BMBF founded Projekt "Salafismus in Deutschland: Forschungsstand und Wissenstransfer" of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, which ended in April 2016.