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Bindung und Migration
21st International Attachment Conference
Disordered Attachments in Digital Ages
September 16th - September 18th, 2022
Bindung und Migration

10th International Conference "Attachment and Addiction" (2011)

Alcohol, drugs, medications, food, starvation, computer games, work, relationships - many things can cause addiction in people. Addiction frequently begins as a response to the overwhelming stress of emotionally difficult developmental conditions, traumatic experiences, insoluble conflicts, among other things.

Rather than drawing on his attachments, an individual may turn to an addictive substance or behavior to deal with the seemingly intolerable situation. This strategy often leads to rapid short-term relief. Unfortunately, if the underlying stress continues or is chronic, that individual may fall into this strategy more consistently, resulting in dependence, which may be psychological, physical, or both. Once the addictive substance has become the addict’s “best friend”, therapy becomes more difficult.
This conference will explore the connections between attachment and addiction as well as therapeutic and preventive alternatives developed by researchers and clinicians internationally.

Target group
Target group

Target group
This conference is designed for pediatricians, child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychotherapists, child psychologists, and all therapists who deal with the diagnostics and early treatment of psychosocial and emotional disorders and later disorders in adulthood. We also invite all professionals who interface with children and their parents, including midwives and obstetricians, breast feeding counselors, nurses, psychiatrists, neurologists, remedial educators, nursery school teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, special needs teachers, social workers, pastors, jurists, and parents.

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